React state management and UX pattern experiments

Consulting as a front-end architect on React projects gives me plenty of ideas for patterns and experiments to try with that framework. Here are some small projects and sketches that I have explored in the past:

  • React CSV importer: all-in-one UX for uploading, parsing and custom-assigning fields for large CSV files
  • React Collectable: a form helper and validator library based on Promises and uncontrolled inputs
  • React Dynamics: collection of small state management utilities, designed around the UX affordance principle
  • React Lingo: i18n library focused on dev experience (per-component message files, automated export/import)
  • No-callbacks: helping use React safely and declaratively by eliminating event callbacks
  • Render prop helper: a simple hook to consume values exposed to a render-prop and hoist them back up to component level

My GitHub repositories page lists some more idea explorations, for both React and non-React code environments.