About Me

Hi, I am Nick – I am a software consultant specializing in front-end architecture and React. I also work on creative electronics, generative art, alternative UX/HCI and developer tooling improvements.

I am currently a front-end architect at Beamworks, a small React front-end agency I founded.

I believe in accessible, inclusive tech. In my software work, I am inspired by domain-driven design, CQRS, functional programming, and the idea that programming is theory-building.

A Bit More About Me

I was born to engineer parents, and tech was a presence in my life since early childhood. I grew up reading books about C and Assembly, learned graphics algorithms and computer internals, scavenged electronics flea markets for bootleg CD-ROMs and coded websites with friends in high school.

My career started in what is now called DevOps automation. Shortly after that I became a back-end web developer. I progressively took on more and more front-end tasks, culminating in my founding a boutique dev shop focusing purely on React-based UI development.

I my spare time, I enjoy language learning and experimenting with electronics and fabrication.