TinTTY v2: Tiny Touchscreen VT100 Console

I had started building a tiny VT100-compatible serial terminal emulator using simple parts in the Arduino ecosystem. At the time, small size was my main goal, and I succeeded – but the screen text turned out to be just unreadably small. Plus, serial consoles are expected to have full input capability, and that was hard to cram into tiny dimensions.

This is a reboot of that effort, now using a (slightly) bigger screen – a 2.4in TFT – and this time with touch input (a cute tiny touch keyboard, in fact).

Project documentation on hackaday.io.

I got to reuse the core terminal emulator logic (the ANSI control escape sequence parser) from the first iteration because I made it portable across different screen drivers to begin with: the source code is here: https://github.com/unframework/tintty.