TinTTY v2: Tiny Touchscreen VT100 Console

TinTTY was my initial attempt to build a tiny VT100-compatible serial terminal emulator using simple parts in the Arduino ecosystem. Fitting a lot of text into a small sized screen was a fun challenge, but of course readability was very low. Plus, I still had to use a USB keyboard as the input method.

I rebooted the effort using a slightly larger screen – a 2.4in TFT with touch input. I managed to display a bit more text and implemented a tiny touch keyboard usable with a stylus.

Core terminal emulator “engine” (that is, the ANSI control escape sequence parser and virtual screen canvas) was reused from my original implementation and integrated with the new TFT screen driver; it turned out to be quite portable! Even the hardware scroll feature was still possible to utilize: the displayed text is not actually stored in Arduino memory in full.

Arduino source code is available here: https://github.com/unframework/tintty