Professional Services by Nick Matantsev

Hi there, I am Nick, and I am ready to help architect, develop and deliver your next React-driven enterprise UI or portal.

Rich single-page application (SPA) front-end development has been my core focus for many years now, and I have a proven track record of delivering production code, confidently guiding technical effort and architecting against project risks. Even though I have worked with many different frameworks - from hand-coded jQuery to Backbone to AngularJS - currently I specialize in React and Redux-based app front-end code.


Available front-end development and software architecture services include:

  • React/Redux front-end with any backend (Node.js, Python/Django, Java, C#/.Net, PHP, AWS Lambda, legacy APIs)
  • Web enterprise portal login, SSO, forms, notifications, realtime WebSockets/, legacy CMS embedding
  • multi-release, multi-language i18n pipeline, accessibility-savvy
  • mobile responsiveness and bandwidth optimization
  • local and staging environment pipeline, DevOps, testing, CI, API mocks, “1 Hertz dev”
  • tuning code packaging and minification: Webpack, Browserify, Grunt, Gulp
  • production deployment, SSL/TLS setup, CDN and HTTP caching, Apache/Nginx tuning
  • high-kLoC CSS/LESS/SCSS/SASS codebase management, BEM-based semantic selector techniques
  • developer coaching and mentoring experience


Nick Matantsev is an experienced software architect with 10+ years of planning, programming and maintaining enterprise software. Most recently, Nick has spent 3 years leading the development and roll-out of an enterprise videoconferencing product used by some of the world’s largest telecom companies across four continents. Nick’s technical skillset is full-stack, and his production experience is centered on the finance, healthcare and telecom industries.

Having been part of several teams with an agile/lean workflow, Nick is fluent in the Scrum process (product owner certification). He coaches developers, regularly presents on technical topics such as DevOps and front-end engineering and has authored several open source projects.

Outside of work, Nick is an avid cyclist and photographer. He is a big fan of sushi and keeping up a regular cardio routine.


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