Hi there, I'm Nick

I read books and build software products.

My primary research interest is in applying modeling techniques to real-life communication and business workflows and using that to improve and automate human processes, organizations and decision-making.

In particular, I follow topics such as data versioning and consistency, HCI/UX and empowering “non-technical” folks to plug into a developer-like workflow. In addition, I spend time analyzing software development techniques themselves - founded on a belief that programming is theory-building and based on undervalued concepts such as DDD.

I am available to help you with React/Redux front-end development as part of the Beamworks ES developer team; please see our technical service sheet!

See my code samples and open source projects on GitHub, a few demos on CodePen, my Twitter profile and Medium posts plus occasional presentation upload on my SpeakerDeck page. I also dabble in pictures: see my Flickr profile.

I was born into a family of engineers, and my life has always revolved around tech. My mother worked as a lead programmer on her team and brought home books about C, graphics algorithms and computer internals. My father supplied me with a constant stream of math challenges and assembly language instruction manuals. In high-school, I helped my friends set up websites and programmed server software for them. And my early professional start as a summer contract intern at a financial institution helped me learn how to balance technical problem-solving against the realpolitik of large teams.

Some of my more recent write-ups and research work follow.

Ubiquitous UI/UX:

UI architecture work:

Database persistence and ORM work:

Workflow and team operations:

Exploration of mobile product UX and packaging:

Misc hacks: